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would love a quest version


ComeCloser is compatible with the Quest in the full paid version.

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My quest 2 does not connect to the game, and i cannot toggle the vr button. i can play other vr games just fine. how do i fix this? i have tried on both versions

Please take a look at this post from our support section

Take a look around, other posts may be useful.

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From seeing the quest 3 what benefits does this give to your game?

None except for a tiny tiny perf boost.


will the demo ever be available in apk form?

It's not in the todo list but I think it will someday


Can I syncronize with actions in this game using in reality some adult toys? If I can, what toys can be used?

You can't yet but it is in the todo list

Is it possible to buy the full release on itch? Perhaps in one of those bundles other creators are making?

ComeCloser is not yet available on itch or other market, only via crowd-funding on Patreon and SubscribeStar (and in the premium subscription on VRPorn)

For the Vive trackers can you have only one Vive tracker lets say for hip tracking only and you used controllers for hand movement would that work for the game?? - my last question for now.

Indeed you can use one or two Trackers and assign them to only one of both functions at the same time, or none, in the game main menu.

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Can you use slimeVR??

ComeCloser supports Vive Trackers for the tracking of the pelvis and the replication of the masturbation.

According to our players, you can reportedly use SlimeVR to simulate Vive Trackers and everything works correctly. Though we do not have tested this solution ourselves and can't provide any assistance.
Also please note that SlimeVR is a movement based solution and your SlimeVR devices are not tracked in absolute position (unlike the Vive Trakers). Therefore, some drifting may occur.

Will you make an apk demo and allow for phone hip tracking such as owo tracking or other phone apps.

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We don't plan to make a demo for Quest, and we have tested accelerometers for hip tracking with bad results due to drifting over time.

I try to play it in desktop mode, i enter scene, and i cannot move anything, not even the camera, cant open esc why is that?

That is most likely due to the fact that the game don't have permissions to write que settings file on your hard drive.

This can happen if the game is launched from inside the zip file, or if it is located in a folder managed by Windows like C:/Windows or C:/ProgramFiles

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Despite owning hardware that matches the requirements (an RTX 3060 12g should be as fast as an RTX 2070 or an RX 5700 XT) I cannot get the demo to work at an acceptable level of quality and framerate at any resolution in VR. Either increase the recommended specs to something more realistic or double down on improving performance, because with this performance I'm not inclined to buy it when it finally comes out. Also, you state the demo is uncensored, but there's no way to remove clothing, so you can't say that's uncensored (at least in version 0.13.2d). A little misleading.  Nevermind, I got it to work (a bit) better after what I would consider too much effort (50% image scaling in nvidia control panel, 30% render scale in steamvr settings, classic reprojection... goodbye pixels) and yes the demo is technically uncensored but there's not much to see. I guess it's fine for what it is, I didn't know what I expected.

Hello, with an RTX3060 and a Quest 2 you should get a solid and constant 50fps with the default settings (all on high except graphics) and at 100% scale. Please note the following:

  • the high settings for graphics is generally not worth the cost,
  • headsets with higher resolution like Pimax can be slower,
  • hair are quite slow in the 0.13. We made some good improvements in 0.16 and we will release it soon. In the meantime you can use static hair for a major perf boost.

As for the demo, it is indeed very limited ^^ but genitals and nipples are visible so "uncensored" does not seem misleading here.

Please tell us if you need anything!

Can you do a one time purchase for the full game or do you need to pay monthly

For the moment, ComeCloser is only available through monthly funding on Patreon and SubscribeStar. The only one-time option is the $100 pledge on Patreon, which is a life-time subscription.

The game will most likely be sold eventually here on and Steam but there is no ETA for the moment.

I'm simply amazed with this game and I totally plan on buying when the game is available for purchase (I cant afford monthly subscriptions) I do have a question, what direction is this game headed? Is it leaning towards a dating sim/visual novel story based game or is it leaning toward a sex simulator/sex toy game or maybe somewhere in the middle? also can I just ask if you plan on adding voice acting in the game at any point? (as in not just moaning and sound effects) Thank you for reading, any comments are welcome and keep up the great work on this revolutionary game! 

Glad you like it ^^
The final gameplay remains to be found. We have added stories in the form of a visual novel but I think we have not nailed it yet and we still need to see if we are able to do it well. It also depends on what the community of players will vote for ^^
As for the voice acting it would be sweet indeed and we will definitely think about it, but it is not planned just yet.

when i start it in vr it says i need differnt bindings what do i do

Hello, please start taking a look at this post

Other posts in the troubleshooting may help too. If you still have issues, please give me some more context so I can help

How can i get the full version ? 

You can get the full game in the latest version on Patreon or SubscribeStar

may I ask once I hit download how do I play

Complete answer here !

Have fun ^^

Can i somehow use a hand while playing on pc?

Could you please elaborate? VR or desktop? use a hand to do what?

Desktop, yes. The mouse only controls the cursor in active scenes, while it only allows you to drag the fabric of the clothes, and no more interaction with the environment. I would also like to have a model of a mouse-controlled hand to interact with the character and toys inside the location, as shown in the videos with VR gameplay. Thank you for your attention! ))

I understand. The gameplay of the desktop version is very limited at the moment and we will continue to work on it this year. I think we will start by allowing to detach clothes that can be (the pink zipper), and having new animated toys, maybe a hand. As for controlling the hand and toys yourself with your mouse, it's definitely possible to some extent and we will add that to the road map ^^

Thanks a lot. I just wanted to know if this is possible. Then I will wait. :)

Will I be able to play on HTC vive cosmo

Indeed you can rebind the controls via the Steam VR interface.

More info here

Will there be a non VR version?


ComeCloser is already playable on PC without VR ^^

OK just had to double check. Some don't say and are only VR. Thanks!

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Can i use sidequest to get this? Like take the file and import it to my quest 2?

This is the way.

ComeCloser is indeed compatible with Quest standalone (without PC) but in a different, APK file. The game is mostly the exact same but is adapted to Quest performances, and update are published the same day for all platforms.

That said, the demo is not available on Quest, only the full version is.

i got 0.13.2 and cant get vr mode (quest ) do i need the other one for VR?

Here is the the answer from our public board:


This will truly help my lesbian fantasies come true 


Glad to hear it! If you have gameplay suggestions for lesbians please tell us, we lack ideas!


some nonhuman models would be nice like elf, dwarf, goblins all that stuff... just for the gays out there, will there also be male models?


The next character Miku will be a fury with cat hears and tail, our first step in a more fantasy experience ^^

And indeed, right after Miku we would like to add a male model.

will there also be models with different body types?


The next character currently in beta, has hourglass body type, the fifth character Miku will be a thin petite furry, and the sixth character will most likely be a male.


in order to get the pelvis control do i need to onw the full game?


Nope, the virtual pelvis is present in the demo. More info here on our public board

how do i get the holo menu?

You can bring back your holo menu in your hand by holding the primary thumb button (usually A/X) for one second.

Please take a look at our public board if you need something, it contains a lot of information


too bad no pay option here rather than monthly subscription. 


I understand the feeling. It will come eventually, we are still funding the game right now.

Will there be golden showers in this game in the future?  I would love to pee on these babes, lol!


I suppose it will come along with the ejaculation feature, but I can't tell when.

This game is amazing!!!  Only question I have is, can you cum in the game cause I could not find the edjaculate button, lol!

Not yet sadly

please adjust sizes! the players hand is twice as big as the girl's etc. Also it'd be cool if there were different "strength" of grabbing something.
And a more detailed tutorial on the tool which binds real life objects to in game, as well as the one to customize the girl's hand's movement. thanks for the great work.

Indeed we would like to add customisation of the player's body, like skin color and size of the penis and hands. I think these features will come early next year.

How do you calibrate the penis on oculus quest, or can you?

first u put your left joystick somewhere in your pants where it's gonna stay. then use right joystick to select the penis from the pannel and move it to your hip. Let go and voila

can you change the girl's clothes? because in some clips they have different clothes.

The clothes are fixed for each sex spot for the moment, but we will soon add some options to customise things like that.

How do I download the APK?

You can get the APK for Quest 1 and 2 via our Patreon or SubscribeStar pages

how to use the pelvis iam having trouble with figuring that out

like what do you mean pocket?

Please take a look at this post on our public board for more information about this feature ^^

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Hi I have a oculus quest 2 I connect my pc via quest link no idea what to do here because no menu is showing :/

You have to connect via cable and not via wi-fi

You need to ensure that your Quest is handled by SteamVR before you launch the game. So in order you need to connect your Quest to your PC with Link (cable or wifi)in the Oculus app, then start SteamVR. Note that you need to "allow unknown sources" in the Oculus app settings to allow SteamVR to access your Quest


I kinda confused,i bought the Game and as i have seen in the videos the girls have clothes but in the game there is no clothes (im on oculus :))



From their Patreon

Clothing is not included in the oculus version due to hardware limitations.

P.S. Use Airlink to play the PCVR version if you want the soft clothing (and if you are a patron, v0.13 has soft skin now)

Clothes are now present on Oculus Quest 1 & 2 without PC. They are mostly static, though, for performance reasons.

Is there impregnation?

if there isn’t, do you plan on adding it in the future?

Nope and it's not a planned feature for the moment, but your request has been noted ^^

The game is good but I wish the demo was uncensored. Maybe after a new version is released, the full previous version could be released. I'm too poor DX.

apologies for asking but are there any videos of this game? as in, i cannot play it due to no VR, and i wish to see more of it

here it is!
Also ComeCloser is coming on desktop soon ^^

The game is now playable with mouse & keyboard (full version only, demo and "Amuse-bouche" will come later)

question: what version will the demo be when it will be playable with mouse and keyboard? i prefer to test things before buying them

Why my game doesn't work is like a freeze


What is your GPU and VR headset?

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My GPU is Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz..if you can then I play with the keyboard and mouse if not with vr then it is not

i think i cant please,need to wait pc version 

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Hello, the reference you gave me is your CPU and it's a good one for the game. The GPU is the processor on your graphic card, like NVidia RTX2070 for example.

Also, for the moment, ComeCloser is playable only in VR.

Can you add an option to switch which controller you put in your pocket?

It's already there. The controller used to attach the virtual pelvis is always the other than the one you use to grab the calibration tool

Hello, the game runs very poorly on a capable PC (3080, 3800x, 32GB RAM, SSD). I am only able to achieve around 45fps - even with all settings on low. Meanwhile, I can run nearly all VR games at a constant 90fps. 

I tried using my Quest 2 via Link, Air Link, Virtual Desktop, but the issue is the same with all 3.

Do you have any recommendations? Should I be able to achieve 80-90fps with those specs?

On a RTX3080 and Ryzen 3800x, you can be either at 90fps in low quality, or 60fps in high quality at all time. I suggest that you update your NVidia driver and SteamVR, and ensure that no application is using the GPU memory.

Thanks for the reply. Everything is updated so that's not the issue. Whenever I play ComeCloser I always experience this low FPS problem (massive latency spikes, reprojections, low GPU utilization). If I switch to any other VR game (HL: Alyx, Contractors, H3VR, Boneworks) I can consistently achieve steady 90 fps.

Does it make any difference if the game has not been added to the Steam library and is launched directly from its directory instead?

No that does not make any difference. You can also check the super sampling in SteamVR settings but I doubt you have changed it manually. I can't tell what may be happening here.

how do you complete the introduction cuz my d aint goin in the first gal

there are multiple CC buttons to activate to reach the different parts of the tutorial. After that, just go back to the menu and enter any scene. Please note that the demo is censored and won't allow any penetration except in the mouth

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