A downloadable game for Windows

Before you proceed, please note that this game contains nudity and pornography and is for adults only.

Say hi to your new sex toy!

We are excited to present ComeCloser, a lovely adult game playable exclusively in virtual reality. Whether you like it fun, playful, romantic, sensual or passionate, we've got you covered.

  • unique, handcrafted characters keen to have fun,
  • real penis control (place a VR controller in your pocket and calibrate),
  • hair and clothes set in motion by a cutting-edge physic engine,
  • realistic interactions with the whole body, to the most intimate details,
  • high-end graphics,
  • AI-driven facial and body behavior,
  • compatible with HTC Vive/Pro/Cosmos, Valve Index, Oculus Rifts/S, Oculus Quest1&2 (with PC)...

ComeCloser is currently under development but already playable. You can test the free, censored demo here on itch.io, or get the full game from our patreon or subscribestar page:



This is a free demo with limited content and features. Please visit our patreon or our subscribestar to get the latest version of ComeCloser!

Recommended graphic cards: NVidia RTX 2070 / AMD RX-5700 XT

Minimum: NVidia GTX 1080 or AMD RX-580

Install instructions

ComeCloser is currently shipped as a portable software. This mean that it won't need to install anything on your computer. Instead, you will extract the game from its zip file and just launch the executable.

You should not place the game in a folder that is managed by the system, such as ProgramFiles or Windows folders. Any other folder is ok.

Security alert

The first time you will launch ComeCloser, Windows may complain about the security, because we are not a certified editor yet. That said, as long as you get your ComeCloser zip file from one of the links above, it will be safe and virus free and you can ask Windows to execute the game anyway without risk.

This warning should occur only once.


ComeCloser - Demo 0.10d
ComeCloser - Demo 0.8d.zip 614 MB

Development log


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how do you complete the introduction cuz my d aint goin in the first gal

there are multiple CC buttons to activate to reach the different parts of the tutorial. After that, just go back to the menu and enter any scene. Please note that the demo is censored and won't allow any penetration except in the mouth


After sideloading to quest, game crashes every time i start it up. any fixes?

First please check that you have correctly side loaded an APK file, and not the zip file of the PCVR version. Note that the free demo is not available for Quest.

The game crashing on Quest 1 or 2 at startup is not a known issue and is most likely due to your Quest not having enough memory available to launch the game. Try to shut down any application running in the background, and make some free space.

How do you pull out the penis? Better yet where do I find the control menu?

Everything is explained in the introduction so you should start with it. Read this post for more information. 

You turned on steam vr in version 0.9. But the hand in the game doesn't move.

SteamVR is used since the first version of ComeCloser. If your hand does not move in-game and it is not a tracking issue (your controller is ok in the SteamVR menu and home) then it's most likely a issue of communication between SteamVR and Oculus. Restarting the two should solve the issue.

I can't controll hand of game it even if I use that method

You can find more help in this post

How do we update to .10 if we already have it downloaded on Oculus Quest 2?

You need to download the new version and replace the old one completely. Because they have the same name, the new one should overwrite the old automatically. To make the process of side loading faster, you can also side load a file manager application, then download the game from inside the Quest directly.

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thinking about pledging on patreon, what does 0.11 have in it over 0.10?

nvm, just subscribed :)

When i tried downloading the ComeCloser Demo 0.8 and followed the install instructions the game opened but it only shows me a blue back ground with a white bars around in the distance and i couldn't move.

If you can help that would be great thanks!

Means that SteamVR was not found. What is your VR setup?

I'm having the same issue. While I've seen in the comments that the demo is available only for PCVR, IMHO it would be nice to have this written somewhere more visible.

demo is an exe.  full game is an apk.  sidequest doesn't work with the quest.  devs failed badly.  a vr game that exludes vr headsets :)

The demo is available for PCVR only, mainly to test that the game runs smoothly on your hardware. You will need a subscription on Patreon or SubscribeStar to access the Quest standalone version of the game.

When it starts, the controller cannot control the hand of the game.

Hands are fixed to the floor.

Without any context I can't help much. On PCVR, you need SteamVR (and not only Oculus if you are using a Oculus headset). You can try and launch SteamVR before launching the game. 


how do i get it on my quest 2 it doesent pop up when i open the game

On Quest standalone, you need to sideload the game APK file (the demo is not available on Quest standalone).

On PCVR, start Oculus, enable Link connexion on your Quest 2, accept unknown sources in Oculus, start SteamVR (SteamVR should find your Quest 2) then launch the game.

If you still have issues, please provide more context.

Salvation. I am using the oculus rift cv1 and my controllers are not working. Hands stay on the ground, and I can't control them

This must be a issue between SteamVR and Oculus. I suggest your restart both applications, and try to start them before you launch the game. Please ensure you have the latest versions and firmware too.

I was wondering, is what Vanessa said in the introduction about there being secret CC buttons, is that true? I’ve looked around for an hour or two and I haven’t been able to find any. If there are any, could I possibly get a hint of where one of them could be? Thank you in advance!

Sorry the mini stories was an idea we wanted to explore, but the community of players has set other prioritizes through polls. These lines will be removed in 0.11 update.

Ah ok, thank you for responding!

so can you do anything with the girl in the demo and how? I’m having a hard time with controls

In the demo, you can just use your virtual penis and you fingers. In the full game, there are a lot more options and you can also move and animate the girls in different ways

alright I got the full game right(loving it by the way), can you do anything with Van other than the intro and the day and night mode? Like does she have a storyline?

Van does not have a story. We had plan for her story but the community of players is not voting for the narration much. We will continue to add content for her, though, and she will come back with new poses in the 0.11 update, due in May.


any femdom?

Asking the real questions!



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The latest update introduced our third character with femdom vibes!


Why can't I detect the hand controller . I open it with Samsung Mr

are you planning on making an desktop version, like without VR?
or is it not possible for you to do that?
i really wanna know 

We plan to do a desktop version indeed, but I doubt it will be in 2022

ahh i see
thanks for letting me kno

No clothing options on the Quest version? Just naked Van and Lalago?

All clothes are deactivated on the Quest standalone version indeed, for performance reasons. Hairstyles are also limited to static versions instead of dynamic ones.

Will there be a APK download for quest standalone?

ComeCloser is already compatible with quest standalone and you can find it behind the $12 paywall on our Patreon. The demo is only for PCVR for the moment, though.

This is inaccurate information.  Keep your $ 12

Im on the quest version and i wonder if theres gonna be more to the story soon

Also i dont get the pelvis interaction. When i try to insert it glitches out and when i use it it wiggles strangely although my hand isnt even moving

We are currently working on a new character with a new story that should be released in the middle of February.
As for the pelvis tracking on Quest, you can check this post to learn more about how to get better results. Hope it helps!

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When will Desktop version be ready? Also without VR

We have no idea

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Hi, I don't know how to finish the task. therefore I am stucked in chapter 1 island.  I finished all the chat with the girl and don't know what to do next. My version is quest version.

Does the quest version only have these 2 characters? It is a bit boring for me coz I have no idea what to do next.

Hello and thank you for your pledge. The game is currently under development and only features two stories : the tutorial with Vanessa and the reunion with Lalago on the pacific beach. going through these stories unlock the sex scenes where you can find a lot of poses to have fun.

Our community of players voted for more sexual content and technology, before adding new stories so the story part is still sparse. I suggest that you come on Patreon and add your vote to the story part if this is what you want ^^ https://www.patreon.com/posts/poll-what-is-it-58330494

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I have the full game and I want to know how to make my own positions. Like how you have her on the wall but I don’t see the option for that in my game.

ComeCloser does not allow you to pose the model. You can move some body parts in some situations. More will come on this subject in the future.

says unityplayer.dll not found

My best guess is that you must unzip the file into a folder before you launch the ComeCloser.exe, instead of launching it from inside the zip file.

It crashes when I try and open the game but it doesn't take me to the actual game it loads then crashes by unity can I have some help?

Can you please provide some more context:
 - What version of the game are you using?
 - What is your GPU and VR headset?
 - Is there a crash message you can copy or a relevant screenshot?

Just in case, you should launch the file named ComeCloser.exe. You can also try to install the latest GPU driver and SteamVR.

how do you move in the demo? I am using the quest 2 to test it out.

just push the stick forward to walk or teleport

will there be a keyboard and mouse version?

Probably, but not anytime soon

My computer is not suitable for pcvr.Is there an apk version? (sideroad)

Yes there is but behind the Patreon $12 paywall. There is now available demo for Quest for the moment.

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Where can I get the quest demo?

As stated in my previous message, there is no demo for Quest at the moment. Only for PCVR. The demo is mainly used to check that your hardware can run the game smoothly before you pledge, which is not a concern on Quest.

How intensive is this game because those cloth simulations are beautiful. Is an Intel i7 and a 2070 good for this

this is our main development hardware and you should expect at least a solid 40fps at all time with this hardware. You can also lower some quality settings to get to 90fps if you wish.

got it thanks

im not getting the download to install did you take it down?

The download link is still free on the itch page, for the demo 0.7.

You can also download the demo from this post on Patreon.

I am new to oculus quest 2 and generally vr games. I have a laptop that I use for college and I strongly believe it is not a gaming laptop. Do I need to "sideload" the game to the oculus quest ? Do I download it using my quest 2 ? How does the installation works ?

I really wanna know all this before I pay for the subscription

Thank you

If your PC is not powerful enough then you will have to use the standalone Quest version indeed. And as you mentioned, the application need to be "sideloaded" on your device, because Oculus won't allow us to publish an adult game on their store.

The procedure is pretty straightforward and very well documented so you should not have any trouble. You can start by reading the instructions at the end of this post on our Patreon page, and you can also look for sideloading tutorial on Youtube if you prefer. Once your Quest is correctly set up, sideloading a game like ComeCloser is only a matter of copying a file into a folder.


How do I calibrate penis?

After buying your Patreon, do I have to constantly be subscribed to it in order to play full version? 

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To learn how to calibrate the penis, you should start with the introduction scene, it explains everything. You can also read this post to help you get the best results.

You don't have to stay subscribed to play the game you downloaded, but a subscription will be required if you want to get the latest version.

Yeah, I was afraid of that. lol Damn, gotta' git me one them.

Hi. I loaded it on my computer and have crossing white pipes in a cloudy sky, no menu or any thing else.   ?


First please note that yYou need a VR headset to play the game. If you have one, here is the answer from the FAQ

  • The game won't start in VR and I can see a white pillar
SteamVR doesn't seem to launch correctly along with the game. You can try the following:
 - update SteamVR to the latest version,
 - shutdown/kill SteamVR and let it restart with the game,
 - shutdown any other VR application like Oculus, Viveport or Mixed Reality Portal.

is this vr only


Absolutely. A PC version should come in the future, though

Hello having trouble with the demo game looks great would like to try although the demo crashes once I try to load into the session. Menu opens I have selected the lowest settings still won't work. I have a ryzen 5700xt GPU, a ryzen 7 2600 CPU, and I am using the Oculus Rift S. Does the demo not work for the rift s or am I missing something drivers and everything are updated as well. 

Hello, the AMD GPU sometimes have a hard time running the cloth simulation. You can go in the setting again and set cloth physics to "none" instead of low. This usually solves the issue but you can't see any cloth anymore.

The lowest I can change it is low. Unless I need to go into the script settings, also will this be fixed in the future or will AMD GPU users just not be able to play this correctly?

The option to deactivate clothes is not present in the demo because it is supposed to be censored. However, you can open the file QualitySettings.txt and set the cloth parameter to 3.

This issue is still on the top of our todo list and we are working on it but we haven't been able to reproduce it on our side so far, so it's not simple. We hope to push a fix for the next version or the one after.

Amazing to know its on the radar some developers stick to on system for a while. I understand the difficulty glad to know you guys are working well on this project. I am excited to support your team.

Deleted 184 days ago

Glad you like it!

Is new content being added monthly? 

Indeed we want to add new content on a monthly basis but we are not exactly there for the moment.

Since the first release in the last December, there have been 6 updates. We tried to balance between new technologies/features and new content. We believe that we will have more and more content from now on, because the tech is more advanced now.

Is Lovense support planned for the Max 2? that would be awesome and better as putting the controller into the pocket ^^


We really want to add support for toys and it is in our roadmap, but we will first add toys that can be wall/desk mounted.

I can't get it work, I have an oculus quest 2 and I tried to launch the game with oculus link and it's just started in window and nothing happend in vr, what can I do? How do I start the game with oculus quest 2 link?

It seems that SteamVR is not launching properly. You will need SteamVR to run ComeCloser, and you may need to run SteamVR manually before you launch the game.

I am having issues with the game. I am using a quest 1, and I have it downloaded, can run the game, even change the settings once im in the menu, but once I load in, I cannot move. Regardless of what locomotion I choose, the only thing I can do is use the trigger to continue the dialogue. After that I am stuck in place. Is there a fix? Thanks!

What version of the game are you using? Moving is bound to both left and right sticks by default so you just have to put one of the stick forward to move or teleport.

In SteamVR, something may be wrong with your bindings and you can try to go in SteamVR -> controller binding and set the default binding instead of custom. You can also rebind the "teleport", "teleport aim" and "choose direction" actions manually.

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